Katie Mess


The basis for my work arises through my lived daily experience, and my exchanges with the world around me. I am fascinated by the animals that live parallel to our lives, significantly birds, and the meetings that occur, and how these can provide different ways of thinking. Humanity has separated itself so much from animality, and through my work I am trying to breach this separation. Landscapes, encounters, exchanges, communications, acts of being, allow for a sensitivity and openness to emerge. I use a range of media in a feedback loop: they cannot be separated, for me, as they all contribute to a synaesthetic assemblage. All of the senses matter, and all senses are both produced by and produce matter. 

My photography and filming are ways of listening to and being in the real world, as a sensor. Painting is my embodied, unconscious knowledge manifesting in forms. My frottages are physical exchanges between nature and myself, through which dormant information emerges. Writing is a way for me to consolidate signs that I collect through other media, and further establish connections and exchanges between them. Working with organic matter like clay, sticks, and leaves, allows me to form a genuine dialectical relationship between the world and myself, where I can feel the world choosing to cooperate at certain times, and not at others. 

All of this informs and is informed by my lived experience as a woman, and how my reproductive health has made me question my conditions for womanhood, personhood, mortality, and the future of life on Earth.

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Amass, You Radiant Heretics (2020) 24-hour live stream, with video, audio and performance works (films exhibited: Dust To Dust (4:07; 2020); This Is The Day (with Ellis Warren; 9:08; 2020); Stone Crows (2:21; 2019); Thin Veil (5:33; 2019))

Windows and Mirrors: Transformation and Awakening during lockdown (2020) Slade Society online exhibition. https://sladesociety.cargo.site/Windows-Mirrors-Artists 

Fractal Egg Karaoke Klub 2 (2019) karaoke night, installation, VR film with performance featuring Grant Cieciura, Caleb Madden, Chris Sav, Ellis Warren, Katie Mess, Luke Pendrell, Yumino Seki, Tiago De Sousa: Project 78 Gallery, St Leonards-on-Sea. https://fekk.antivoid.solutions/ https://www.project78gallery.com/copy-of-johnvincentstevenson-1 

Brighton MET Foundation Show (2019) installation: life-sized bird woman sculpture lying on a triangular bed of sand, two sentinel ceramic sculptures on red wooden pillars; painting on wall behind / above.


Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Brighton (2018-2019). UAL Diploma in Art & Design - Foundation Studies: Distinction Grade.

Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (UCL) (2019 - 2023) (current): BA Fine Art.